Monday, 23 July 2018

Movie Time

On a sunny evening my family and i went to the movies. The movie that we all enjoyed watching was called Mama Mia.

I really enjoyed watching this movie because it shows what happens in the 80s and in the 90s then also shows what happens in the future.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Galileo Legacy

Galileo Legacy

In november 1608 Galileo Galilei the professor
of mathematics at padua university pointed his homemade
optical tube at the moon changing the world's view of the universe.
The story of how this brilliant innovative and popular scientist ended his
days. Galileo was born in  1564 the eldest of seven children. His family moved to
florence when he was about ten. He was in university of padua in italy. One of his
experiments were from the leaning tower of pisa.

Galileo discovered convinced that the earth was not in the center of the universe
as most people believed. He published his discoveries in 1610 in a book called sidereus  nuncius .he spent his life sad alone blind and under house arrest.
8 January 1642 (aged 77)

Book week

Title of Book:Thea Stilton and the legend of the fire flowers

Characters: Violet, Paulina, Collette, Pamela and Nicky

Author: Elisabetta Dami

Settings: Hawai

Plot: They found a mysterious businessman named Sammy Sharkfur in Hawaii.
The Thea Sisters are curious on what's going on, so they find out that a volcano called
Mauna Loa is going to explode. They quickly warn everyone in the hotel and everyone gets
out. There are also suspicious “Fake” police mice. Soon after they noticed Sammy Sharkfur
was working for the police mice, they immediately arrested them! Then they went back home
safe with a nice goodbye with their friends.

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Recount planner ~ Exampler

The frozen pool~A personal recount.
Task: To write a powerful recount based on a holiday memory. To include appropriate language features for level 3 or 4.

Success Criteria: • To include appropriate language features for level 3/4 and write about a moment in time.

Think about… Variety of sentence starters. Use capital letters and full stops. Planning for 3 or 4 paragraphs.

Fumbling hands. Frozen breath. Heart thumping. “Come on aunty Jo you are a slow coach!” Yelled Daniel as he scampered off to put on his ice skates. I gingerly picked up the dreaded blue instruments of torture and sat down on the brown, peeling varnished bench. I forced my warm feet into the freezing skates and started to lace them up. By this time, Daniel was jumping up and down on the spot like a pogo stick. He was excited - I was nervous! Finally we were ready… Our journey across the ancient, worn carpet was slow and painful. I was so pleased I had worn thick socks and a warm woolly jumper. The backs of my skates were rubbing my heels and my feet felt like they were on fire. Suddenly we were at the mouth of the rink. The ice was shimmering and glimmering and people were gliding across the rink with ease. Holding onto the wall, I stepped onto the slick ice. Immediately my feet slipped and I landed on the cold, moist ice in shame. My 5 year old helper quickly skated over and offered his hand! “Come on aunty Jo you are a slow coach!” 30 minutes later, my nose bright red and my bottom VERY wet. I had had enough. Daniel had not fallen over; in fact he was a fantastic skater. My hands were like blocks of ice and my breath was wafting through the air like delicate smoke. We made our way to the busy cafĂ© and ordered 2 hot chocolates. Within minutes my chilled hands were wrapped around the blistering cup and they were slowly thawing out. The hot chocolate tasted like liquid heaven and feeling was returning to my toes! Daniel gulped down his drink and was eager to get back on the ice. I was not. “Come on aunty Jo you ARE a slow coach!”


Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Acrosic poem

B - Bashful
I -   Intelligents in some ways
A - Adorable to people
N - Neat and Tidy at all times
C - Calm at all times

A - Awesome at sports/ running fast!